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Of Canoe Races
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Home Page Entry Form Declaration - Explained

We have updated the declaration because we want to make sure you are aware of what
risks there are involved in entering this Series/Race. And also to bring ourselves
into line with modern Data and Photographic usage.

No major change here other than to use the BCU wording regarding canoeing
in general, and then informtion regarding Waterside Series of Races in particular.

Data Protection
NCC fully support and will comply with the Data Protection 1998.
We will now or in the future start to ask for entries to filled in online.
This will require you to securely enter some personal details.
Only data relevant to the normal results will be publicly displayed
By entering, your permitting Newbury Canoe Club and its officials to access & transfer
your stored data over the internet with the sole intentions to
administer the Waterside Series of Races.
NCC will not release data to any third party outside those individuals or businesses
directly involved with the administrative running of the Waterside Series.

With the explosion of equipment with cameras (phones and alike) along with the
acceptance of social networking and photo sharing sites on the internet
NCC want to make sure that you know that photographs/video are likley to be taken of
entrants throughout the Series.
NCC will attempt to resolve any concerns and/or disputes over inappropriate photographs/video.
NCC will publicise online photographs/video collections at its discretion.


    Last modified: Nov 03, 2014