The Waterside Series
Of Canoe Races

Organised by: Newbury Canoe Club

Sponsored by: Marsport
With grateful help from Adventure Dolphin

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Race D & Series Final Results

2023 Waterside D & Series Final Results
Released: 30 Mar
Marshalls: Thankyou so much!!!
Especially those who wolunteered and Supported the Event
And were not part of NCC, and traveled many miles!!
So many of you came out to helped us today - A huge HUGE THANKYOU!!!
Thankyou to all those who have sent messages of praise and thanks
I have shared many with all the organising team and marshals.

Final Race D Results
Final Series Results

Devizes to Westminster: Newbury Canoe Club wish all
entrants of this year's DW all the best.
Note: Read briefings as the route for DW through Cofton
is defferent to the road portage implimented for Races C & D.

Introducing Berkshire Youth
Released: 23 Mar
Please read the attached as it introduces the young people
who are looking after you when it comes to delivering your
competitors food at the finish inside the Waterside Centre. Here

If this has been your first Waterside Series -
What information would you have found usefull to have in advance..?
Email your suggestions and I will attempt to make it happen..!
--- Thankyou to those that have emailed me you suggestons!

Croften Pump Works - Canal and Towpath closure
Released: 6th Feb
Be aware if you are training that these works exist.
Could result in a support crew lift or 1.2km portage
** Do not attempt to pass through the works **
Useful link: Canal and River Trust Crofton Pumping Project

2023 Files
2023 Entry Form
2023 Rules
2023 Information Sheet
2023 Online Banking Statement
2023 Risk Assessment (5/12/2022)
2023 Pewsey Timing Schedule
2023 Crofton Marshaling instruction
2023 Crofton Paddlers portage
Crofton Risk Assessment (10/03/2023)

Support Crew Etiquette
Paddling Etiquette
Waterways Code Leaflet

2023 Photographs
Please email links to your collections I can add them here
Also calling any young photographers, The Hungerford Adviser is interested in
including one or more photographs - especially if they have a family connection
More information to follow here...

2022 Tony Smith Race C: Link

Waterside 2023 Series Dates
The Waterside Series of Marathon Races comprises of four races held on the Kennet and Avon Canal in the Spring.
They are organised by Newbury Canoe Club and sponsored by Marsport UK.
The dates for the 2023 Waterside Series of races are:-

Race A 12th February 2023Great Bedwyn to Newbury13.5 miles 21 portages
Race B 26th February 2023Newbury to Aldermaston & Back17.5 miles 19 portages
Race C 12th March 2023Pewsey to Newbury23 miles 35 portages
Race D 26th March 2023Devizes to Newbury34 miles 35 portages

Newbury - Parking
( Note: Trailer Drivers still please use Faraday Road [RG14 2AD])
There is a major change to the route to Newbury Wharf [RG14 5AS].
Please see the annotated Maps

The Waterside Series is recognised as being the classic build up for the Devizes to Westminster Race.
However. the Waterside Series offers its own challenge, and to complete the series is an achievement in itself.

There are 13 classes:-

K2 SeniorK2 VeteransK1 JuniorJunior/Vet
K2 JuniorK2 MixedK1 LadiesC2
K2 LadiesK1 SeniorK1 VeteranC1
K2 Junior Ladies

There are prizes for each race, and the Series Trophies are awarded at the end of the fourth race, to the crew who has completed all 4 races in the fastest total time in each class.

In addition there are Series Senior, Junior & School team events, for any combination of 3 to 8 paddlers in a minimum of 3 boats.

Two Canadian sub-categories (qualifying for Series prizes): Ladies C2 Ladies C1

Other Series trophies are:-

Services TrophyFor the fasted crew (in any class) representing a Uniformed Service
Keith Donkin CupFor the fastest K1 Veteran Master, male or female (over 50 on 1st January of year of race)
Junior Ladies K2 Trophy
presented by Kimbolton School
For the fastest Junior Ladies K2
School Teams Trophy
presented by the Schools Canoeing Association
For the fastest team in the Junior Team Event representing a school.
John Baggs Trophy
presented by Bedford School
For the fastest Junior C2
Lyn McLaren Trophy For the fastest Junior Mixed K2
SKB Award For the fastest Masters K2 (both paddlers over 50 on 1st January of year of race).

2020 Photographs
So far we have links to photos taken during the Series:-
Mike Beaumont: Link
Tony Smith: Link
2019 Photographs
So far we have links to photos taken during the series:-
Race A: Gary Kinghorn: Link
Series: Mike Beaumint: Link
Series: Tony Smith: Link

Contact Information

Race Organiser: Clive Williams

Send completed entries to:

Waterside Series Entry,
Newbury Canoe Club,
Newbury Wharf
RG14 5DF

Cheques written out please to: Newbury Canoe Club
( please refer to the Online Banking Statement if considering paying via this method )
( ALSO please if possible photocopy your BC (or other) Card(s) on the reverse of the Printed Entry form )

Race day Emergency / Retirement Contact number: 07870 769 687 (Only to be used on each race day - New in 2019 onwards)



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